Reading with Joy — Wrinkle in Time, Chapter Four


On this episode, Joy and Sarah Cozart discuss white flowers, The Dark Thing, and the strength of beauty

Reading with Joy— Wrinkle in Time, Chapter Three


On this week's episode Joy and Kaitlin Schiess discuss belonging, familiarity, and the 'making strange' of fantasy stories. Tune in and then chime in on this week's discussion.

Reading with Joy — Wrinkle in Time, Chapter Two


Today we discuss chapter two. Joining me for today’s episode, Haley Stewart and I discussed the way someone we hardly know can fee like home, quantum entanglement, the spiritual discernment of pets, and, as ever, the excellencies of Mrs. Murray.

Reading with Joy— Wrinkle in Time, Chapter One


In this episode, Sally Clarkson (Joy's mom) joins her to discuss chapter one of a Wrinkle in Time. They talk about difference, conformity, love, and the wonderful writing of Madeleine L'Engle.

Summer Book Club!


This summer Speaking with Joy's online summer book club will be exploring the suspenseful, captivating, scientific young adult novel a Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. 

The Soul in Paraphrase


A conversation with Dr Matthew Rothaus Moser about the transformation of love in Dante's Divine Comedy.

May Magnificat


Join Joy on the stoop of her Scottish flat to listen to birdsong and read three poems celebrating the glory of Spring.

Good Stories of Good Men


From Poirot to Aragorn, Joy and Nathan Clarkson discuss the best heroes of film and literature, and discuss the qualities of good men. Check out Nathan's new book Good Man, released today!

Golden Fury


Did you know modern chemistry began as an attempt to turn lead into gold? Enjoy this delightful conversation with historical fiction author Samantha Cohoe about alchemy, story telling, and lipstick!

Going on a Quest!


Escape into the stories about people who go places (while we cannot!) and explore role of narrative in developing virtue.

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