Tending Your Garden


To grow in wellness, we must start thinking of ourselves less like cars to tune up, and more like gardens to nurture. On today's episode, Joy chats with Kristyn Emmer, who shares her insights on cultivating wellness of body, soul, and heart. 

We’re All Romantics!


This episode explores the most important historic movement you never learned about. Tune in to hear how Romanticism shapes art, industry, and psychology, by looking at Wordsworth, Brahms, and the Pre-Raphaelites.

Calling All Artists


The world needs artists, craftsmen and women, workers of wonder and beauty. So, today I talked with my brother Joel, a composer, author, and audiobook reader about the calling of the artist in the modern world. This podcast is full of practical wisdom and heartfelt encouragement for anyone who feels called to be an artist. I hope you love it.

Souls and Screens


Screens play a huge role in our life, and almost all of our relationships are mediated in some way through social media. How can we live connected, authentic, purposeful lives in a world of screens?

Speaking with Joy is back!


After a book launch, travel, conferences, and a break, Speaking with Joy comes back with new episodes every Tuesday. Tune in here for a (re)introduction to the vision behind the podcast and updates galore!

Girls’ Club (Elena Trueba) — Dear Joylena, the Advice Episode (pt. 2)


Part two of Joy Clarkson and Elena Trueba's advice podcast, discussing life choices, lipstick, and literature. Tune in!

Girls’ Club (Boze Herrington) — The Inklings and Literary Friendship


On this special launch day episode, Joy and Boze Herrington discuss one of the most famous groups of friends in the last century: the Inklings!  

Girls’ Club (Karen Swallow Prior) — Friendship Through Hard Times


In this episode, Joy and Sally talk with Karen Swallow Prior, an author and professor at Liberty University, about what friendship looks like during difficult times— like getting hit by a bus!

Girls’ Club (Elena Trueba) — Dear Joylena, the Advice Episode (pt. 1)


Joy and her best friend/college roommate Elena fulfil their true callings by giving advice to anyone who wants it. In this episode, they questions sent in by listeners about friendship.

Girls’ Club (Ashlee Cowles) — Personality Differences in Friendship


How can we accept each other's personality quirks and help each other grow? That is what Joy and Ashlee discuss in this week's podcast which touches on friendship between extroverts and introverts, Enneagram, Myers Briggs, and so much more! 

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