The Consolation of Mystery Novels


Why are murder mysteries so comforting? Boze Herrington and Joy Clarkson discuss the spiritual depths and dark delights of their favourite genre.

Havens of Hapinesss


Listen into a mother daughter (Sally and Joy) Facetime about habits and havens of happiness, ways to keep your soul alive. 

Jane Austen the Moral Philosopher — Karen Swallow Prior


A conversation with Karen Swallow Prior about the great moral philosopher of the 19th century: Jane Austen.

When Death Visits


Coronavirus, medieval morality plays, and Harry Potter.

Women of the One Thousand


Meg, the daughter of two academic historians herself, is troubled by the unimaginative story told about women throughout history: that they were always oppressed, quiet, and un-influential until feminism arrived on the stage to set us all free.

A Hidden Life


Why does it matter to live a faithful life, to resist evil, when it costs everything and seems to accomplish nothing? This episode reviews A Hidden Life, by Terrence Malick.

Church Mothers (Oliver B. Langworthy)


Who were the women of the early church? What do they have to teach us about vocation, the Holy Spirit, and being transformed into the image of Christ?

The Ragamuffin Bard


Welcome back to a brand new season of Speaking with Joy! This episode sings the praises of Rich Mullins, an artist steeped in scripture, with a heart like an open wound, and eyes that saw glory in creation.

Advent — Week Three (Christmasing with Sally Mama!)


A Christmas chat with my dear Sally-Mama!

Advent — Week Three (The Shepherd)


Christ comes as the ruling King, but he also comes as the gentle Shepherd. 

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