Reading with Joy, Week Four


How is it possible that we both feel at home in the world and homesick in it?

Reading with Joy, Week Four


Can fairy tales help us understand the world better than modern philosophy? 

Reading with Joy— Orthodoxy, Week Three


From her new flat in St Andres, surrounded by boxes, Joy rambles about chapter three of Orthodoxy and the unraveling of the modern mind. Listen in!

Reading with Joy — Orthodoxy, Week Two


What do sin, madness, and rationalism have to do with each other? Tune into this week's episode about Chapter Two of Chesterton's book Orthodoxy to find out!

Reading with Joy - Orthodoxy, Week One


Welcome to Reading with Joy, a summer book club on G.K. Chesterton's excellent book of essays Orthodoxy. Join me this week for our first episode, diving into Chapter One "In Defence of Everything Else."

Summering with Joy!


After a short (and unexpected!) break, Speaking with Joy is back. Listen to this podcast to hear about my summer book club, live Speaking with Joy events near you, and more. I hope you'll spend the summer with me!



The modern world is both overstimulating and excessively boring. In this episode, featuring Boredom expert Dr. Rebekah Lamb, we explore the social, literary, and spiritual dimensions of boredom. I promise, you will not find this episode a bore.

The Enchanted Heavens


Is the modern world disenchanted? Today we will explore this question with the night sky as our conversation partner. My hunch is that the cosmos is not any less wondrous, mysterious, or enchanted than it was in the twelfth century. The world is not disenchanted, we've only grown blind to its wonder.

Narnia and the Seven Heavens


For a long time, most people regarded the Chronicles of Narnia as the charming side project of a Oxford don too busy to double check which mythological creatures belonged in which story. But what if there is a golden string running through each story, so that they hang together like pearls on a necklace… or like planets in the night sky? Dr. Michael Ward solved the mystery. 

Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet


Blood is the stuff of life. In our antiseptic world, it can be hard to hear and understand the words of Jesus: This is my blood of the new covenant, poured out for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins (Matthew 26:28). In this Holy Week episode, we explore the theme of Christ's blood.

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