Enjoy Things Unironically with Boze Herrington


Joy speaks with Boze about guilty pleasures, BTS, the importance of wonder, and the power of enjoying things unironically.

Remember You Have a Body with Jenna Reed


Joy speaks with Jenna Reed about why we forget we have bodies and what we lose when we do, the similarities between Manichaeism and the Netflix reality TV show Love is Blind, and gentle steps we can take toward a more integrated life.

Dante’s Christian Ethics with George Corbett


Joy speaks with George Corbett about Dante Alighieri’s medieval literary masterpiece, the Comedia, and what it has to teach us about the search for direction in the dark wood of life and what it means to be human.

Flounder Well


What do you do when you don't know what to do? When life is perplexing and no paths seem to lead anywhere? Joy discusses bewildering seasons through some of her favourite floundering art: a poem by Malcolm Guite, a song by Henry Jamison, a children's book by Barbara Cooney, and a movie with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. 

Befriend Sadness with Sally Clarkson


Joy talks with her mother Sally Clarkson about how sadness doesn't make us bad Christians, how to find light in dark seasons, and how to accompany others through sorrow. 

Befriend Sadness


Joy explores the theme of good grief through the journals of CS Lewis and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the swan song of Mozart, and the Irish animated film Song of the Sea.

Christopher Tin, Everything Under the Sun in Tune


Joy talks with two time Grammy Award winning artist Christopher Tin about synecdoche, video games, the moon landing, Pink Floyd, and why music delights us.

Aggressively Happy


Joy reads the introduction to her new book, ponders the cultivation of joy in a weary and cynical world, and announces plans for the next ten weeks of episodes. 

Youngest Siblings Rule the World (and other important truths), with Nathan Clarkson


Joy talks with her brother Nathan about the children's book they wrote together (The Clubhouse), how imagination and creativity reflect the image of God, and why youngest siblings are the best (just kidding... or are they?).

How to Read Really Long Books! (with Sarah Clarkson)


In this episode, Joy talks with her sister Sarah about how (and why) to read really long books, and why reading good books is good for the soul.

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