Church Mothers (Oliver B. Langworthy)


Who were the women of the early church? What do they have to teach us about vocation, the Holy Spirit, and being transformed into the image of Christ?

The Ragamuffin Bard


Welcome back to a brand new season of Speaking with Joy! This episode sings the praises of Rich Mullins, an artist steeped in scripture, with a heart like an open wound, and eyes that saw glory in creation.

Advent — Week Three (Christmasing with Sally Mama!)


A Christmas chat with my dear Sally-Mama!

Advent — Week Three (The Shepherd)


Christ comes as the ruling King, but he also comes as the gentle Shepherd. 

Advent — Week Two (the Mother)


Mary is the first Christian, the first person in whom Christ dwelled. Her life and song teach us to bear Christ too.

Advent — Week One (the Coming)


Welcome to a special series on the season of advent. Sit in the dark, wait for the light, prepare for his coming.

Yes, And


How do we tell a good story with our lives? How do we sing a good song? Begin where you are. Grieve what you must. Do what you can. 

Sea Watching


Can watching the sea lead us close to God? This was a question Welsh poet R.S. Thomas contemplated often in his poetry. In this episode Joy explores the poetry of R.S. Thomas with Shanti Daffern.

Wintering Scotland


There is a wisdom to the season of winter. But how does one wile away the long winter evenings in Scotland? By telling stories, singing songs, and dancing reels. 



What heritage were you given? What legacy will you leave behind? These are the questions discussed in this episode.

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