Beauty and Her Sisters, with Ben Quash


Joy speaks with Professor Ben Quash about the Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar, theological aesthetics, and the Visual Commentary on Scripture.

Imagining Our Neighbours, Mary McCampbell


Joy speaks with Mary McCampbell (who examined her PhD!) about how literature can help us cultivate empathy toward our neighbours, near and far.

Expect the End of the World with Paul Kingsnorth


Joy speaks with Paul Kingsnorth, a man who has been many things in his life: a poet, an eco-activist, and eco-pessimist, a warlock, and most recently, an Eastern Orthodox christian.

Accept Love with John Swinton


After a brief break to recover from Covid, Joy shares an interview with John Swinton where they speak about God's gentle, slow love, and how we should share that love with each other.

Shakeshafte and Other Plays with Rowan Williams


Joy speaks with Rowan Williams about his new (and first) collection of plays, the power of words, and the art of David Jones.

Be Like Mr Collins with Haley Stewart


Joy speaks with Haley Stewart about how Jane Austen's much maligned clergyman Mr Collins knows the secrets to an aggressively happy life.

Tell Yourself a Good Story with Casey Fritz


Joy speaks with Children's book author and illustrator Casey Fritz about the parables of Jesus, the power of storytelling, the place of horror, and the way ET demonstrate the gospel. 

Enjoy Things Unironically with Boze Herrington


Joy speaks with Boze about guilty pleasures, BTS, the importance of wonder, and the power of enjoying things unironically.

Remember You Have a Body with Jenna Reed


Joy speaks with Jenna Reed about why we forget we have bodies and what we lose when we do, the similarities between Manichaeism and the Netflix reality TV show Love is Blind, and gentle steps we can take toward a more integrated life.

Dante’s Christian Ethics with George Corbett


Joy speaks with George Corbett about Dante Alighieri’s medieval literary masterpiece, the Comedia, and what it has to teach us about the search for direction in the dark wood of life and what it means to be human.

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